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Self-guided Corolla Jeep Tours

Jeep dog on Carova Beach

I see a wild pony

Wild Mustangs on Beach Corolla, NC

Wild horses Carova Beach

Spanish Mustang Horses Corolla, NC

Wild Spanish Mustangs

Jeeps & 4x4 SUVs are picked up @

2101 Colington Road Kill Devil Hills

We are 30 miles from the Currituck Beach Lighthouse

5-passenger Jeep Wrangler $225, you can pick up the vehicle as early as 8 AM and it's due back by 8 PM

Must be 25+ do drive. To reserve send a copy of your auto insurance showing full coverage to bret@beach4x4.com  or text to 252-564-4218 after receiving your insurance an invoice will be sent for you to book.

Air-station @ Corolla Lighthouse park

Stop at Currituck Beach Lighthouse park in Corolla to deflate the tires down to 18-20 PSI and after your beach adventure use the free air at the park to fill back up to 38 PSI

Jeep truck (Gladiator)

$225 due back by 8 PM  Must be booked in advance

8-passenger 4x4 SUV

$225 due back by 8 PM  Must be booked in advance

Find the Wild Spanish Mustang Horses of Corolla, NC

Why rent a jeep to find the wild horses of Corolla NC

Renting a Jeep for your wild horse adventure on the beach of Corolla, NC offers several advantages:

Overall, renting a Jeep to find the wild horses of Corolla, NC can greatly enhance your chances of spotting them while also providing an exhilarating and memorable adventure.

Guided horse tours are another great way to see the wild horses

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Corolla Wild Horse Tours

Wild horses on beach corolla, NC

Not a tour----Jeep Rentals

Hummer on Corolla/Carova Beach

Hummer Adventure Tour Corolla

Corolla Jeep Adventure

2 hour Jeep Wrangler tour Corolla/Carova Beach

weekly jeep rentals Outer Banks

                                      Weekly Jeep rentals