OBX Beach Driving Tips

air down tires sign Corolla NC

Uncle Bob said not to bother with that BS

Digging vehicle out of sand

Uncle Bob on all 4's

Stuck on Carova Beach


Pet-friendly Jeep rentals

Y'all stuck?

Jeep stuck on beach

Some air down after getting on the beach

Wrangler stuck on Carova beach

I'm in a Jeep, I don't need to air down

SUV stuck on Carova beach


Car stuck on beach Corolla NC

Push it up hill

Beach driving gear

Gear in our rentals

Currituck County beach permit required

Beach parking pass included 

Cape Hatteras ORV permit required

Cape Hatteras beach driving permit included

Jeep & horse on beach

YES, this is cool!

Driving the Outer Banks beaches

Why Lowering tire pressure for driving on sand is a must

It's essential to only lower tire pressure to the recommended levels for the specific vehicle and conditions, as too low pressure can lead to tire damage or detachment from the rim. After leaving the sandy terrain, it's crucial to re-inflate the tires to their standard pressure for regular driving conditions.

Currituck County/Corolla/Carova Beach parking permit

Both permits are Included with your 4x4 rental

Gas stations with air compressors Along the Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Understanding the effects of ocean tides when driving on the Outer Banks beaches 

Driving on the beach is a unique experience that requires careful consideration of the ocean tides. The effect of tides is a critical factor for several reasons:

1. Access:

2. Safety:

3. Environmental Impact:

4. Legal Regulations:

Planning and Preparation:


The effect of ocean tides is a major consideration for anyone planning to drive on the beaches of the Outer Banks. By understanding and respecting the tides, drivers can enjoy a safe, enjoyable experience while protecting the natural beauty of the coastline. Always stay informed about local conditions and regulations to ensure a responsible and enjoyable beach driving adventure.